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Arab World Institute: livestreams to keep you entertained through culture

The coronavirus confinement feels increasingly neverending, yet we neglect the fact that the internet can provide far more than we think, to pass the time in an enriching way. The Arab World Institute, as its name indicates, is a center dedicated to the Arab world, located in Paris and home to an impressive museum, archives, live shows, and lectures. Today, due to the nation-wide lockdown, many of its resources are digitizing, providing both entertainment and cultural enrichment for any one who tunes in.

Confinement Comedy Club

Earlier in the year, Algerian comedian Kamel Abdat received the first prize for humor awarded by the Arab World Institute (AWI) Comedy Club. His standup, which awarded him the prize, is available for you to watch, with his offbeat tone, his sharp taken on Algerian current events and his fine, punchy humor.

For the same occasion, Franco-Tunisian comedian Samia Orosemane took the stage for another unmissable event on the comedy scene, supported in particular by the French Ambassador of Tunisia.

Tribute to the Egyptian musical legends

Concert en hommage à Mohamed Abdel Wahab – ILYA Events

[#LImaALaMaison] (Re)vivez le concert organisé par ILYA Events au Bataclan en hommage à Mohamed Abdel Wahab, l'un des plus grands compositeurs arabe du 20ème siècle.🎤Le 29 février dernier, ILYA Events rendait hommage au Bataclan à la légende de la musique arabe Mohamed Abdel Wahab, avec le jeune chanteur prodige égyptien Mohamed Mohsen, accompagné des musiciens de l’ensemble FunDo.🗓️C'est en trois épisodes (une diffusion par semaine, à partir du samedi 18 avril à 18h) que nous vous proposons de découvrir ce concert en hommage à cet immense artiste, compositeur pour Oum Kalthoum, bientôt à l'honneur dans notre prochaine grande exposition, "Divas arabes" !Merci à ILYA Events pour ces belles images.Rendez-vous la semaine prochaine pour la seconde partie de ce concert!

Posted by Institut du monde arabe on Saturday, April 18, 2020

On February 29th, the Arab World Institute held a concert at the Parisian Bataclan, starring the Arab music legend Mohamed Mohsen. The young Egyptian singer, only 23, was supported by a full orchestra. Now, people around the world can be transported and stream the performance from within confinement, entirely free of charge.

The concert holds particularly dear in Egyptian hearts, as it is a tribute to one of the greatest Arab composers of the 20th century, Mohamed Abdel Wahab, as well as Umm Kulthum, long known as the ‘voice of the East.’ The broadcast, organized by the institute, is divided into three episodes (one per week, with the first one release on April 18th) published onto their Facebook page. Make sure to tune in on April 25th and May 2nd for the next two!

Maths in pyjamas

Do you think back at your math classes in dread? This time Arnaud Cossart, a lecturing professors from the Versailles academy in partnership with the AWI, promises it will be different this time around. The series of video classes offer a fun way to review mathematics all while navigating through history throughout the Arab world!

Institutes such as the AWI facilitate the possibility of learning about foreign cultures, picking up new skills or simply discovering a new artist. These are only a few out of the bunch.. take a look for yourself and find what suits you best.

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Published on 22 April 2020