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Artificial intelligence to assist the faithful in the Grand Mosque of Mecca

The General Authority for the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques in Saudi Arabia has implemented artificial intelligence-powered digital solutions to improve the distribution of guidance materials for visitors at the Grand Mosque in Mecca.

The project involves the use of 52 high-definition screens, which are located both inside and outside the Grand Mosque. These screens, covering a total area of 279 square meters, are utilized to display guidance content specifically tailored to the needs of visitors. The content, curated by a team of religious scholars and guidance experts, is designed to be highly relevant and specific to various occasions. To ensure the reach of this content to a diverse audience, a dedicated translation team would be responsible for converting the material into multiple languages. The screens would be operational around the clock and are strategically placed at the mosque’s entrances, exits, courtyards, and roads leading to it, ensuring maximum visibility and accessibility.


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AI-powered robot

In addition to these screens, the authority has introduced a guidance robot equipped with AI technology. This robot is designed to assist pilgrims by providing them with essential brochures and publications to help them with their rituals. The robot is interactive, which would allow users to access and share its content through their mobile phones. It has the capability to navigate various areas within the Grand Mosque.

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Published on 4 January 2024

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