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At 75, he becomes the oldest professional footballer in the world.

Ezzehin Bahader has just become the oldest professional football player in the world. At the age of 75, he has just obtained permission from the Egyptian Football Association to sign with the club of October 6th, currently in the third division.

It is a new start that should allow him to enter the Guinness Book of Records. If Ezzedin Bahader puts his cleats back on and walks on the pitch again alongside his team-mates on 6 October, he will become the oldest professional footballer in the world, surpassing Israel’s Isaak Hayik, 73 years and 95 days old, who currently plays for Maccabi Ironi.


🔴 محترف في سن ال 75 بالدوري المصري…. 🇪🇬🏆 قام اليوم الاتحاد المصري لكرة القدم بقيد أكبر لاعب محترف في العالم خلال…

Publiée par EFA sur Mardi 21 janvier 2020

No doubt the club will be keen to put Bahader on the game sheet very soon to enable him to achieve this world record for longevity. As for Bahader, he should be keen to share his great experience with all his team-mates!