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Cannes: Two Arab films previewed for the International Critics’ Week

The Arab world is in the spotlight for the International Critics’ Week! Organized from July 7 to 15 and chaired by the Romanian filmmaker Cristian Mungiu, this week will take place on the sidelines of the Cannes festival to honor the masterpieces of the seventh art. A look back at two previews so eagerly awaited by the Arab world…

“Feathers” by Omar El-Zohairy 

Created by Egyptian director Omar El-Zohairy, this comedy tells the story of a mother who devotes her life to her husband and children. 

And the synopsis announces a great success for the Arab film world: A magician’s trick goes wrong at the birthday party of six-year-old Mando. An avalanche of absurd coincidences begins to affect the boy’s family. After turning the father into a chicken, the family finds itself in a tragically absurd adventure of self-discovery… We’ll let you discover the end. 

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The Egyptian director is not at his first try. Zohairy’s first short film, Breathe Out (Zafir), had its world premiere at the 8th Dubai International Film Festival, where it won the Muhr Special Jury Prize for Short Films. 

His second short film, The Aftermath of the Inauguration of the Public Toilet at Kilometre 375, was the first Egyptian film to be selected for the Cinefondation competition at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival.  The film went on to win several awards around the world … 

“A story of love and desire” by Tunisian-French filmmaker Leyla Bouzid

The story of the film revolves around Ahmed, a young man of 18, French but of Algerian origin, who grew up in the Paris suburbs. 

At university, he meets Farah, a cheerful young Tunisian woman who has just arrived in Paris. Discovering a collection of sensual and erotic Arabic literature that he could never have imagined existed, Ahmed falls in love with Farah.

This film is Bouzid’s second feature film. In 2015, she presented her first feature As I Open My Eyes, which won an award at the Venice Film Festival before screening at festivals around the world. 

We’re already looking forward to seeing them in our cinemas

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Published on 9 June 2021