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Careem NOW, the new food delivery service in Riyadh

While a few months ago, the American giant Uber bought its Arab counterpart Careem, the latter has not yet said his last word. Careem is now turning to a booming market, food delivery, by launching Careem Now, now operational in Riyadh.

After Jeddah last December, it is now the turn of the people of Riyadh to rejoice. The food delivery service, Careem Now, a branch of Careem, announced on April 28th its intention to set up in the Saudi capital.

“Currently, only 15% of the food distribution market in our region operates through an application, but Careem Now allows users to easily order from a wide range of restaurants and with quick delivery to their homes”


With more than 100 restaurants to its credit, such as Applebees, Fuddruckers or Baskin-Robbins, the Careem Now application will initially cover 10 districts before expanding throughout the city.

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Until then, Careem users in Riyadh had only used the application for urban travels. From now on, they will be able to order food from several restaurants in the Saudi capital. Careem NOW requires identifiers and a credit card, which customers used to using the Careem travel application can use again.

After Careem’s acquisition by Uber a few months ago, Careem NOW is undergoing a new look and aims to launch its activities in Karachi and Amman in 2019.

Published on 13 May 2019

#Saudi Arabia