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Chanel goes to Dubai for its 2022 cruise show

Fashion and luxury enthusiasts have all been waiting for the news and it’s official! The luxury fashion house Chanel has announced that it will present its 2021-22 Cruise show in Dubai on November 2nd. The aim of the event? To showcase the latest collection of the house in a place still unknown to the public.

While creative director Virginie Viard already revealed the graphic collection for the first time in digital form last May, it is now in physical form that the models will parade to affirm the new clothing trends of the year 2022

On the catwalk? Numerous punk references, a range of graphic suits, black and white mini skirts, fishnet stockings and leather belts… In a statement, the director gave more details on the different pieces: “Lots of fringes, leather, beads and sequins, t-shirts with model Lola Nicon’s face like a rock star, worn with tweed suits trimmed with large braids and pointed silver Mary-Janes”.

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The entire monochrome collection was inspired by Jean Cocteau’s famous play Orpheus, which deals with themes of morality, sacrifice and art. 

Historically, cruise collections came from a fashion that dates back to 1919, when Gabrielle Chanel realised that wealthy clients were holidaying in the Mediterranean in the middle of winter and needed a new wardrobe for their trips. Today, cruise collections are unveiled in May and arrive in shops in November, just before the end-of-year holiday season. 

This year, Dubai will be the venue for the new show. But this is not the first time that this corner of paradise has hosted the French house. In 2014, the United Arab Emirates hosted the fashion house’s 2015 cruise show, in which the famous models Lindsey Wixson, Binx Walton, Joan Smalls and Soo Joo Park took part. 

To all fashion, luxury and couture enthusiasts, see you in November in Dubai!

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Published on 17 August 2021

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