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Discover three atypical drinks from the Middle East

The Arab world is full of atypical drinks that can't be found anywhere else. Made from dates, apricots, wine or aniseed, these drinks have the virtue of being energizing and providing the calories and proteins needed to keep you going all day!

1 – Jallab 



In the Arab world, it’s hard to pass up a dish without dates and orange blossom. Jallab will delight the most greedy: this drink is made of dates previously cooked, to which we add milk or water, a touch of orange blossom to spice up the taste, and ice cubes to make it fresh. 

For those who are very thirsty (or even hungry), add pine nuts and raisins!

And if you want an alternative to dates, replace them with a mixture of carob, these brown seeds very popular in the Mediterranean countries.


2 – Kamardine



Kamardine, (Qamar Al Din) means “the moon of religion” in Arabic, as this drink is mostly consumed during the Ramadan fast. And for good reason! This very sweet drink is made from a puree of dried apricots, to which we add… orange blossom of course! 

This delicious drink will keep you full for a whole day. 


3 – Arak



If you like pastis, you will love arak. This typical Middle Eastern drink is often served as a digestif or aperitif, and is synonymous with conviviality. Made from brandy and aniseed, Arak has been drunk in Syria and Lebanon for centuries! There are still old distilleries in the region that still produce arak using traditional methods. 

So, which of these drinks will you taste?