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Discovering Morocco’s Souss-Massa National Park

Along Morocco’s Atlantic coastline lies the Souss-Massa National Reserve. Bordered to the north by the town of Agadir and to the south by Aglou, the park covers 33,800 hectares. A breathtaking natural site, where you can stroll while observing Saharan animals and migratory birds. A must-see for nature lovers!

Discover Saharan flora and fauna

The Souss-Massa park boasts numerous discovery trails. Trails that will take you to the heart of the dunes, stretches of water and cliffs. During your walk, it’s not unusual to come across the many mammals that live in this protected area: gazelles, antelopes, mongooses, foxes, jackals…. The Moroccan park is home to almost 24 species of mammal. All, unfortunately, are in danger of extinction.

By revegetating the dunes, this nature reserve is helping to recreate favorable conditions for the development of both fauna and flora. The latter is one of the park’s major assets, with almost 300 plant species (argan trees, eucalyptus, euphorbia, etc.). The Souss-Massa National Park is a natural area of unparalleled richness that will never cease to amaze you.


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Spot a rare bird: the bald ibis

Another fundamental role played by the Souss-Massa reserve is to safeguard an endangered species: the bald ibis. This bird is a large wading bird, 70 cm high, recognizable by its black coat and long red beak. The park is home to the last remaining bald ibis population, estimated at 400 birds. Not to mention other equally fabulous specimens, such as falcons, grey herons, ostriches and pink flamingos. Grab your binoculars!

Visit the Souss-Massa National Park

To ensure the protection of the animals and the calm and cleanliness of the area, individual visits are not permitted. Visitors must contact authorized operators based in Agadir. The tour is accompanied by a guide, ready to reveal every nook and cranny of this breathtaking site. Enjoy your visit!

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