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Dubai: 5 breathtaking luxury pools

In this city where extravagance is the order of the day, the pools follow the flow and reveal their ultra-luxury assets. Some of them have records that make you dizzy, others are more confidential. Here are 5 breathtaking luxury pools in the emirate of Dubai.

1 – The high-perched pool at the Address Beach Resort


Nestled 300 meters above sea level, the infinity pool at the Address Beach Resort has been awarded the official world record for the highest pool in the world. An architectural feat that is part of the exuberant and ultra-luxury dynamics of Dubai. To bathe there, go to the 77th floor of the hotel. A huge pool, 95 meters long, awaits you, with a spectacular view in the background.

2 – Swimming pool and palm grove at One&Only The Palm



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Like a haven of peace, the One&Only The Palm hotel has a swimming pool in the shade of palm trees, in a sumptuous Andalusian-style setting. It’s the perfect spot for visitors seeking tranquility and an elegant setting away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The resort also has a private marina. It’s a great way to extend your time on the water in this most exotic of settings.

3 – The 7-star pool at Burj Al Arab



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Burj Al Arab… This name certainly rings a bell! And for good reason, it is the most famous building in Dubai. A grandiose place of leisure, housing one of the most luxurious hotels in the world (self-proclaimed 7 stars). The infinity pool is also in excess. Built on stilts, it has several pools with an exceptional view of the sea.

4 – The urban pool of the Address Dubai Marina


Refresh yourself while enjoying a panoramic view of the gigantic buildings, this is the promise of the infinity pool located on the 4th floor of the Address Dubai Marina hotel. An extraordinary place, close to the beach and connected to the Dubai Marina Mall. In the evening, the magic continues with a dinner by the pool, punctuated by the lights of the city. Unforgettable.

5 – The intimate pool at Jumeirah Dar al Masyaf



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For a more intimate atmosphere, head to the Jumeirah Dar al Masyaf hotel complex. A fabulous resort nestled in the heart of gardens and canals, for an atmosphere worthy of the 1001 nights. A luxury property, where the turquoise pool surrounded by palm trees offers a true moment of tranquility.

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Published on 29 July 2022