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Dubai Police Female Officers Set World Record by Pulling an Airplane

77 female officers of Dubai police established a world record by pulling a Boeing 777 over 100 meters.

Dubai police entered the Guinness Book of World Records this Thursday thanks to the feat of 77 of its officers, exclusively females, who dragged an Emirates plane over a 100 meters distance.

A feat for a great cause

The aircraft, a Boeing 777 of 74 meter-long and 240 tons, was pulled with one rope attached to its undercarriage. The exploit was part of Dubai Fitness Challenge, a wonder event that aims to encourage residents to exercise more.

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Pravin Patil, an official member of Guinness World Records, presented a world record certificate to Dubai police major-general Al Marri after the event.

“Dubai Fitness Challenge has increased awareness about the importance of physical activity and helped hike up the number of people who exercise,” Maj Gen Al Marri said

Published on 28 November 2018