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Eastern cinema at its best with Yema !

What is Yema? It was born from the will to promote Arab and Eastern cinema in all its accuracy and diversity. Founded by three young women who are lovers and connoisseurs of this art, the VOD platform aims to share content, well-known or unreleased series and films, documentaries, short films and much more.

It was essential for Juliette Gamonal, Léa Taieb and Marine Zana, the three founders of Yema, to make the widest range of eastern creations known, and not only award-winning productions. 


To make this sharing and almost tribute to Arab directors, producers and actors better, a more professional dimension is expected! Indeed, each month, a personality will be invited to take part in the conversation and decipher the main topic, which will be illustrated by 5 different productions. 


We start off with the first topic highlighted by Yema : the place of women in Eastern societies. And it is none other than Leïla Slimani, a French-Moroccan writer and journalist who sets the tone! 

You can already find Yema on their social networks and their website, and subscribe to their well-made newsletter, so as not to miss any of their upcoming news! A special mention is to be made for their logo, which is an eye, and which probably represents all the curious film lovers looking for real treasures. 




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Although the platform is just starting out, you can feel a freshness, a mastery of the subjects, but above all a love for the Eastern cinema and culture : Yema has great prospects, so let’s support this great project, which aims to be the first French-speaking source of films from the Middle East and the Arab world!  

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Published on 13 October 2021

#Arab Cinema