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Egyptian singer Amr Diab will play in a Netflix series

Amr Diab is the Arab artist who has sold the most records and holds the world record for the World Music Awards won. A true icon of modern Arabic song, he is (re)turning to the small screen with a role in a series on the soon-to-be-released Netflix streaming platform.

Fans of oriental music will be familiar with Egyptian superstar Amr Diab. Between his debut in the 80s and today, the ultra-prolific singer has accumulated around forty studio and live albums. In addition, he performs regularly on stage all over the world, accompanied by many instrumentalists and singers. In short, the man’s fame is pretty well established.

But there’s no question of stopping there. It would seem that Amr Abdel Basset Abdel Aziz Diab, or, as he abbreviates it with his stage name, Amr Diab, still has a project on the go. As he announced last Tuesday, he’s making his big comeback on the small screen with a role in a new Arabic series on the Netflix streaming platform, which is no longer being presented.


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سعيد جداً بالتعاون مع نتفليكس في هذا العمل الفني الجديد، فأنا من أشد المؤمنين بأن الفن لغة عالمية، وقد استطعنا من خلال الموسيقى أن نبني جسوراً من التواصل والمحبة مع العديد من الثقافات المختلفة والمتنوعة، والآن وبهذا العمل الدرامي أنا متحمس جداً مع نتفليكس أن نصل من خلال هذا العمل الكبير إلى أكثر من ١٩٣ مليون متابع في أكثر من ١٩٠ دولة حول العالم للاستمتاع بمحتوى فني جديد " صنع في مصر " ويستمتع به العالم بأكمله.

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Sharing an Egyptian work with the world

Thus, 27 years after playing the role of Adham in the film “Dehk Wele’b Wegad Wehob” (Laughter, Joy, Work and Love) alongside the late Omar Sharif, a role that earned him the nickname “Al Hadaba” (the hill), Amr Diab is back in service in front of the camera. He announced this to his 11.8 million Instagram subscribers with the following statement: “I am delighted to be working with Netflix on this new project. I have always believed that art is a global language, and we have been able to build bridges of connection and love with diverse cultures through music. And now, I’m happy that we can reach over 193 million members in more than 190 countries around the world where they will be able to watch new content made in Egypt and enjoyed around the world.

We are still waiting to hear more about the series…

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Published on 21 August 2020