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Emirates: an exhibition of “digital painting” pays tribute to the history of women

Artist and designer Ashwaq Abdulla has just inaugurated her digital exhibition entirely dedicated to the history and role of women in UAE society, entitled “Al Mabrouka”. An exhibition that shakes up the codes of painting through its technical realization.

Ashwaq Abdulla is an Emirati artist and designer. As passionate about painting, as she is about advanced technologies and artificial intelligence, she has just combined all aspects of her work to create the exhibition “Al Mabrouka”, inaugurated yesterday in the United Arab Emirates.

In this exhibition, she created 10 paintings representing the lifestyles and roles of Emirati women over the years. Indeed, “Al Mabrouka”, which could be translated literally as “the blessed”, is a name given to the elderly women of the society because of their wisdom and generosity.



A technical revolution

In terms of realization, this exhibition, that could be described as “art in motion”, could be considered the first of its kind, because the works presented are not simple canvases. In videos, Abdulla uses watercolor, pastels, as well as more modern techniques such as animation and projection to create moving works, projected on large walls. In this way, she wants to bring to life the history of Emirati women and their contributions to education, agriculture, textiles… The artworks also depict traditional clothing, ornaments and jewelry.

“My dream has always been to bring my artworks to life through movement. In this exhibition, I have finally been able to integrate my love of painting with modern technology and artificial intelligence,” the artist said in a statement.


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Published on 14 September 2020


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