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Emirates: Burj Khalifa lights up with solidarity

The world's tallest tower, located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, has lent itself to solidarity initiatives as part of the global fight against COVID-19. The "Burj Khalifa" celebrated more than a million meals distributed to the needy.

It is no longer new to anyone that the Covid-19 pandemic, because of the containment measures it is causing throughout the world, has a considerable impact on financial resources, especially for the most precarious populations, doing the lowest-paid jobs.

In response to this problem, the “10 million meals” community project aims to provide meals to these vulnerable populations through online or telephone donations.


In the eyes of the world

In line with this idea, the “World’s Tallest Donation Box” campaign, allows companies and individuals to purchase LEDs located on the world’s tallest tower, at prices approaching 10 EDA (2.50 euros), to increase its visibility.

While within 24 hours some 180,000 bulbs had already been purchased, the project came into full swing last week when the entire tower lit up to let the world know that no fewer than 1.2 million meals had been distributed to those in need.


All in this together

Those in charge of the project underline the extent to which involvement in this initiative knows no borders: more than 110 nationalities are represented among the donors, including multinationals such as Amazon.