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Expo Dubai 2020: Discover space!

From 1 October, visitors to the eagerly awaited World Expo in Dubai will be able to walk around and admire fascinating space objects such as moon rocks and Martian meteorites. So, as a new era of space exploration dawns, the spectacular and the supernatural will be part of the scenery and will soon be waiting for you!

France, the United States, and the United Arab Emirates are all exhibiting countries that will be sharing their space treasures brought back to Earth.

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Admire the Moon from the American pavilion 

Head straight to the heart of US space to contemplate one of the largest samples of lunar rock collected during the last Apollo missions. Estimated to be about 3.75 billion years old, this object is thought to be older than almost any rock on the Earth’s surface! 

Matthew Asada, deputy curator of the US pavilion, said: “Visitors will get up close to a real moon sample recovered by US astronaut Jack Schmitt near the Apollo 17 lunar module landing site. It is one of the largest samples ever brought back”

But the Americans are not stopping there in their space demonstrations, as an exact replica of the 43-metre SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket will greet the millions of visitors as they leave the pavilion. Finally, visitors will also be able to watch a live broadcast of the Mars Perseverance rover, one of NASA’s most expensive and ambitious missions to Mars to date.

A phone call with an astronaut from the French pavilion 

Don’t miss his call! Thomas Pesquet, the internationally renowned French astronaut, will address visitors at Al Wasl Plaza in a live call from the International Space Station.

Pesquet, who flew to the space station on 23 April aboard a SpaceX Crew Dragon, became the first French commander of the ISS. Since his departure, the man has managed to communicate brilliantly with his fans miles away from Earth, notably through social networks.

The UAE pavilion celebrates its achievements

Some of the UAE’s greatest achievements in space will take place in the national pavilion from next month.

From sending the first UAE astronaut, Hazza Al Mansouri, to the ISS, to launching the first Arab mission to Mars, to building the first lunar rover, the pavilion has many surprises in store for its visitors and space enthusiasts! 

Also not to be missed is the space-themed show at the Al Wasl Dome which will highlight the UAE’s progress in space with colourful projections.

And the World Expo is not stopping there, as it has even decided to dedicate an entire week to space. From 17 to 23 October, astronauts, legislators, scientists and other space leaders will meet to discuss advances in the field.

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Published on 21 September 2021