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Fashion Week: In London, Reem Juan pays tribute to the Egyptian diva Dalida

Before a hoped for resumption of the physical shows from September, the London Fashion Week took place this weekend in a digital edition. This new edition saw 32 clothing brands present their collections on the digital platform of London Fashion Week, including the regional brand Reem Juan. Back to the presentation of this artist.

Embracing femininity through the Franco-Egyptian icon Dalida 

Reem Juan, the famous designer born in Abu Dhabi presented this year’s fall 2021 collection of her eponymous brand through a four-minute fashion film. Her theme: embracing femininity by creating an ultra-romantic collection featuring glittering miniskirts adorned with tiny pearls and worn with sweaters embroidered with famous Dalida lyrics such as “Singing all the way” and “It was the time of flowers, we ignored fear.”

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A collection largely influenced by the 70s 

Impossible to be mistaken. We identify this collection very quickly thanks to the floral patterns, present everywhere and whether in the form of beaded appliques on tops, prints on chiffon dresses and pants and skirts in jacquard.

Black turtlenecks get an ultra-feminine touch with lace collars, while tight-fitting blazers are all the more elegant when paired with bow-tie blouses.

As far as accessories, the 1970s influence continued its infiltration with the introduction of thick belts cinched around the waist and wide-legged denim jumpsuits. 

Focus on local production

The designer is very committed to making fashion a sustainable and environmentally conscious industry

By using technology, minimizing production waste and using local craftsmanship to create her clothes, Juan’s collection has brilliantly managed to combine sustainability and elegance. 

For example, the designer used recycled taffeta to create an eye-catching yellow shirt dress with open eyelet details.

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Published on 15 June 2021