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Gigi Hadid plays bouncers at Paris Fashion Week

The famous American model Gigi Hadid distinguished herself in a very funny way during the Chanel show, during the last Parisian Fashion Week, since she did not just show off: she also put an end to the intrusion of the YouTuber Marie Benoliel, also known as Marie S’infiltre.

It wasn’t Marie’s first try. A few months earlier, she had invited herself on the podium during the Etam show. This time she did it again by infiltrating the Chanel show during Paris Fashion Week, one of the most anticipated in the fashion world, which paid tribute to the late Karl Lagerfeld. 

If the performance of the youtube could have gone unnoticed, it was without counting on the vigilance of the American model of Dutch-Palestinian origin. The joke was not to the liking of the superstar who interfered to interrupt the young French girl and escort her off stage. 

A joke without consequences?

The video has buzzed a lot on social networks, with often very funny reactions, like those who wish to transform the beauty into their personal bodyguard:

Or those meme’ing the facts using famous other internet footage: 

Last one for the road: 

The hidden camera also generated a lot of attention for Marie Benoliel, and caused a lot of ink to flow in the people columns. Here again, Gigi Hadid gets angry and attacks the YouTuber in court for fraudulent use of her image, to which the Frenchwoman responds with humor, proposing an “octagon without rules”, imitating the French rappers Booba and Kaaris, and others who followed in their footsteps, such as Justin Bieber. 

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Published on 9 October 2019


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