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Glamping, the new trend in vogue in the Middle East

Polyester tents, gas stoves, plastic folding tables… For a long time, camping was considered as the accommodation solution for small budgets. Today, camping in luxury facilities, between deserts and Arabian rocky mountains has never been so popular. From Oman to the United Arab Emirates, the ecological, chic and glamorous “glamping” seems to have a bright future ahead of it.

As springtime mildness gradually sets in in the Middle East, many locals and expatriates want to escape the hustle and bustle of cities and skyscrapers for the tranquility of the desert. In recent months, a new wave of desert camping tradition called “glamping”, but with all the attributes of comfort, style and modernity, has emerged in the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Jordan.

“Glamping”, abbreviated to “camping glamour”, offers a unique opportunity for a wild getaway to relax and connect with nature without sacrificing basic comfort such as a bed, a bathroom or electricity.

Different types of glamping, according to your desires

With less than 100 euros, it is possible to rent different types of accommodation on glamping sites. 

In Hatta, United Arab Emirates, an ecological project has recently opened its doors, transforming the mountainous enclave into a refuge with multiple trailers. It is the first accommodation of its kind in the region, in which every campers have the possibility to sleep in a caravan with a refined design, equipped with television and Wi-Fi and with an unbeatable view of the natural landscapes of Dubai.


Near the Omani border in Kalba, Kingfisher Lodge offers about 20 luxury tents and lodges facing the Indian Ocean, worthy of the finest hotels. Similarly, near Muscat, Oman, adventurers looking for more authentic experiences can choose to spend the night under the stars in Sheikh tents made entirely of goat and sheep wool.

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Finally, glamping can also make many campers dream of travelling to another world. In Jordan, Wadi Rum, known as “the valley of the moon” due to its red and arid landscape, has recently hosted air-conditioned “bubbles” including a bed, mosquito net, bathroom and electricity. In this luxury camp that gives you the impression of spending the night on another planet, glamping makes sense.

Glamping, a good way to attract tourists

While like many trends, “glamping” could disappear as quickly as it has appeared, some Arab cities have opted for this original form of camping. In Dubai, where tourism has become a priority, these stays in atypical but chic accommodation resonate as the solution to differentiate yourself and increase your reputation.


With a record number of visitors in 2018 in the Emirates capital, about 16 million, mainly attracted by its impressive shopping centres, luxury hotels and immaculate beaches, the Dubai authorities hope to reach 20 million visitors by next year thanks to glamping.

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Published on 5 April 2019