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He flies over the Saudi seas at over 150 km/h!

No, you are not dreaming. Perched on a board equipped with six motors and capable of reaching a speed of 150 km/h, it is indeed Saudi man Mussab Felemban that we see coming out of the water to fly up to the sky. Between loops, flips and aerobatics, we present to you the flying man who is not afraid of anything. 

Have you ever heard of the new extreme water sport that allows amateurs to fly a hundred metres above the sea? It’s called flyboarding. The device, invented in 2012 by French personal watercraft pilot Franky Zapata, is a hydrofoil device that uses propulsion to move a board through the air. After finding the right balance, the board then allows its agile owner to soar above the water. 

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And Mussab Felemban has become a true professional. The certified flyboard instructor tries to practice the sport whenever he finds a body of water deep enough and big enough to fly over. 

Flyboarding is a new sport in Saudi Arabia; it is very popular, whether people want to try it or just watch the performance” says the inveterate sportsman.

And he always carries safety equipment such as a helmet and life jacket, and has made a name for himself on social networks. Passionate about water sports, he fell in love with flyboarding a few months ago, and took courses to become an official instructor in Dubai. Now, in just 4 months, nearly 300,000 followers are following his exploits on Tik Tok. According to him, this buzz is the “biggest proof of the high demand for water sports.

And it is thanks to this success, by posting ever more perilous aerobatics, that Mussab managed to get himself noticed by the operator of the Jeddah waterfront to help him promote this activity on the Saudi coast. Since then, this enthusiast has participated in events such as the Saudi National Day celebrations at the Jeddah waterfront and Sharqiyah, the opening of the Asir waterfront, and many other exciting occasions.

Its slogan is “You want to fly? We’ll make it happen“.

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Published on 30 September 2021