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The United Arab Emirates works to protect the underwater world

In order to encourage the regeneration of marine ecosystems, at least 15 coral reefs will be set up by the United Arab Emirates on the east coast of its territory. A great initiative to recreate a haven of underwater life …

The schedule is in place. Starting in June, divers from the region will plant 15 artificial reefs off the coast of the United Arab Emirates, near Dibba in areas particularly damaged by dredging and ocean degradation. 

The UAE coast is teeming with diverse marine life, but as divers, we have seen firsthand the consequences of pollution and human activity” Darryl Owen, managing director of Freestyle Divers told The National 

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But that’s not all, and subject to the necessary approvals, about 20 boat hulls will also be sunk to recreate an environment conducive to activities such as diving but also the formation and conservation of the marine ecosystem. 

And so far, the result is already very positive for the government! “Through our programs, we have seen the results of our conservation efforts with the emergence and return of marine species” continues the director of Freestyle Divers. 

This initiative comes at a critical time for coral reefs and scientists estimate that 90% of reefs could be in danger by 2030 even though they are home to over 30% of the marine population. These habitats also generate more than half of the planet’s oxygen and therefore play an essential role in human survival

Acting quickly is therefore essential for the emirati government. In fact, in 2019, ecologists of the countrie have joined forces with American scientists to develop the huge underwater ecosystem, which is similar in size to three soccer fields. For its part, Freestyle Divers has partnered with Azraq, a Dubai-based volunteer marine conservation organization.

As part of the partnership, volunteers as well as companies or schools will have access to Freestyle Divers’ Marine Conservation Academy focusing primarily on theoretical and practical conservation education in the water.

This is a wonderful opportunity to educate, motivate and activate the community on the importance of protecting the marine environment” says Freestyle Divers’ director. 

If the program is on schedule, the state will be able to proudly celebrate World Ocean Day on June 8 at the Dibba Rock Marine Conservation Area!

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Published on 20 May 2021