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World Water Day: Record energy savings in Saudi Arabia

Water is a natural resource and essential to the life of every human being. It is to remind its importance that the world celebrated yesterday, the day of this “blue gold”. On this occasion, Saudi Arabia was able to distinguish itself by establishing a new world record of energy expenditure in the transformation of ocean water into drinking water.

Today, desalination is a process that contributes to the supply of water in many parts of the world, often suffering from drought and aridity. While these sea desalination projects are extremely energy-intensive, Saudi Arabia’s Saline Water Conversion Corporation has demonstrated that it is possible to spend less energy while converting the same volume of water

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To meet this challenge, the company uses the environmental technology known as reverse osmosis. In this process, the water is first filtered through layers of sand and carbon so that only the salts remain. It is then sprayed under high pressure through ultra-fine membranes that retain them. Finally, mineral salts are added to the water to make it safe to drink. With this process, the new plant operates at 2.27 kilowatts per hour per cubic meter of desalinated water, which is the lowest level of energy consumption ever recorded in this industry.

This record illustrates the operational efficiency of the Saudi energy sector and helps reduce energy consumption to unprecedented levels” the Saudi government proudly states after seven months of research. 


The Saudi company said it has invested heavily in engineering expertise and research to develop the design, innovation, implementation and delivery of this new high-efficiency desalination plant, which consumes less energy and is undoubtedly more flexible in its operation and mobility.

With this project and new world record, the company says it wants to “strengthen its global leadership in the desalination industry, continue its plans to achieve the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 goals, and enable local content in all its current and future development projects.”

Already in 2019, SWCC won the Guinness World Record for the largest desalinated water plant with an output of 5.6 million cubic meters of water per day

Great environmental and energy promises for the coming years… 

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Published on 23 March 2021