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Jeddah Season: Anime Village, a unique experience for manga fans

For the first time in the Middle East, Japanese anime is the subject of a large-scale event. Jeddah Season has just unveiled the theme of its latest zone, the Anime Village, which promises unforgettable film shows and concerts for fans of Japanese culture!

The Anime Village opened on May 19 and will welcome visitors from around the world until the end of June. A variety of activities, audiovisual performances, parades and meetings with mangakas are on the program!

An immersion in the greatest mangas

The Anime Village is divided into several sections according to the emblematic anime series, such as Attack of the Titans, Captain Tsubasa or Naruto. The Jeddah Season has also made the mythical village of Konoha the main setting of the area dedicated to Naruto, in order to dive directly into the universe of the young ninja. Human-sized figurines are set up all along the path, so that you can take pictures with your favorite heroes. A small museum concludes the walk, presenting objects and famous images of the shonen, to trace all its history.

During the walk in the Anime Village, visitors will also be able to get lost in a large labyrinth while reading famous manga plates, mainly from Hunter x Hunter, My Hero Academy, Demon Slayer, Bleach and Jujutsu Kaisen. If your sense of direction allows you to leave the maze, Pac-Man arcades, themed restaurants and stores will be waiting for you to create the maximum memories of this adventure.


Shows and meetings

Three major events have already made the Anime Village famous. The Jeddah festivities began by welcoming singer Eir Aoi, who became the first Japanese artist to perform in Saudi Arabia. After her concert, fans were able to participate in or watch a spectacular cosplay parade, a practice that consists of dressing up as a character from a manga, anime or video game.

After the music and dance shows, the village put on several conferences. The presence of Miyako Cojima, the author of the most famous Japanese horror stories, and her husband Norman England, director of horror stories, including Godzilla, was a big hit. Cojima said she was pleasantly surprised at such interest in manga in the area. “I’ve only been here two days, and the vibe of the Saudi culture is very striking!”