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Jordan issued 190,000 work permits to Syrian refugees.

As the Coronavirus epidemic rages around the world, the Jordanian government has decided to make a gesture in favor of the Syrian refugees to help them get out of their precarious situation.

An emergency situation

In view of the crisis caused by COVID-19, the situation of the Syrian refugees has moved the regional powers in the surrounding area. The Hashemite Kingdom, the main host country for Syrian refugees, along with Lebanon, Iraq, and Turkey, has announced, through its Ministry of Foreign Affairs, that it has granted more than 190,000 work permits to Syrian refugees in Jordan.


A timely gesture of solidarity

The Syrian refugee crisis is not a new phenomenon; it is the result of the conflict that is still raging within Syria’s borders. But although the conflict seems to be bogged down and largely overshadowed by the global news about the coronavirus, the stakes remain high.



Thus, at the IVth Brussels Conference on Support for the Future of Syria and the Region, Mr. Safadi reiterated Jordan’s support for Syrian refugees and recalled that Jordan had already multiplied its gestures towards the population, in particular by opening its schools to more than 133,000 Syrian pupils.


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Published on 2 July 2020