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Kuwait will rebuild the grain silos in the port of Beirut

The grain silos located in the port of Beirut are of primary importance for the country. However, they were devastated by the explosion of August 4. Following this terrible news, Kuwait’s ambassador to Lebanon, Abdel-Aal al-Qenaei, said that the reconstruction of these silos would be the “best starting point for international material aid action”.

According to the UN, 85% of Lebanon’s grain and wheat was stored in the wheat silos. It is therefore little to say that the situation, already critical in view of the economic state of the country, and the situation of great distress in which the Beirut disaster victims find themselves, has just radically worsened. It is therefore essential to rebuild as soon as possible this first-rate infrastructure in the lives of the Lebanese people.


Selfless good deed

Kuwait is going to get its hands dirty, and its wallet. Be careful not to see any attempt at interference on the part of Kuwait. Originally, these silos were built in 1969 thanks to a loan from the Kuwait Fund for Development, which is why the country decided to announce their reconstruction.

Plans to build new silos had been drawn up a few years ago, but they were abandoned due to lack of funds, according to information reported by Reuters.


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Published on 26 August 2020