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Levi’s x Hatoon, a collaboration for the extraordinary women of our world

Source : Instagram

A few days ago, Levi's launched its new advertising campaign, "I shape my world", a real ode to women all over the world. For the occasion, the emblematic denim brand called on the Saudi comedian, Hatoon, who, through humour, is trying to change attitudes in his region and elsewhere.

In recent years, many brands have chosen to make a real commitment to women’s social issue. The denim Levi’s brand recently launched its new advertising campaign, “I shape my World”, which highlights the stories of those who work directly or indirectly to improve the status of women around the world.

Forty women from all over the world – India, Russia, Mexico and many others – working in different professions participated in this campaign. Among them was the Saudi comedian Hatoon, who in a few minutes delivered his message of courage and hope to those who are shaping our world today.


Hatoon, a Saudi comedian with a biting edge

Celebrated since 2012 with her Youtube show Noon Al-Niswa, Hatoon is one of the first actresses in the kingdom to have combined humour and sarcasm to portray the realities of Saudi Arabia.

With “I shape my World”, Hatoon encourages women who, like her, have faced obstacles to become what they are today and what they will be tomorrow.