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NASA names a minor planet after of a Saudi student

The United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) recently decided to give the last name of a Saudi student at the University of California at Berkeley, Faisal Aldossary, to a minor planet to honor him for his scientific work.

Anyone in the world can officially name a star they have just discovered. Few people, on the other hand, can claim to have a planet in their name, as the procedure is much more complex. Faisal Aldossary is one of the few privileged to have his surname attributed to the second star.

NASA has just honored this Saudi student from the University of California at Berkeley by naming a minor planet “Aldossary 34559”. Faisal received this privilege as a reward for his discoveries in his research on the manufacture of botanical hormones for agricultural applications.

NASA’s tradition

This is not the first time NASA has awarded this honour to a Saudi Arabian. The agency, which offers this privilege to several scientists who have contributed to the field of science, has already paid tribute to two other Saudis, Abduljabbar Al-Houmoud in 2016 and Fatima Al-Sheikh in 2017, for their work at the Intel International Science and Technology Fair (ISEF).

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Published on 11 April 2019

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