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Neom: 1.5 million green hectares rehabilitated

Neom, the futuristic city project under construction in northwest Saudi Arabia, could also become a major source of vegetation in the country. Indeed, the kingdom has just announced a new regreening initiative that could make the project a key center for the restoration and preservation of its biodiversity.

The Neom Project stated its intention to rehabilitate at least 1.5 million hectares of land at the International Afforestation Technology Exhibition and Forum in Riyadh, more than 19 times the size of New York City. By 2030, Neom plans to plant 100 million of the native trees, shrubs and grasses that make up its unique landscape.

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A clean energy city with a green system

The city under construction considers the sustainability goals of the Saudi Green Initiative as a priority, mainly carbon neutrality and wildlife restoration. The project intends to ensure environmental protection and the proper cohabitation of human and natural habitats. Through artificial intelligence and advanced technology, the city plans to be powered by renewable energy, including solar panel fields and wind turbines.

According to Neom’s CEO, the city of the future is expected to welcome its first residents by 2024. In addition, Saudi Arabia has just announced the first commercial flights to and from the megalopolis in the making.

Published on 31 May 2022

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