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Obayd Fox, the British YouTuber connecting Saudi Arabia to its travelers

Looking for a guide to the Umrah? Are you curious to discover the Great Mosque of Medina from a different angle? No doubt about it, you need Obayd Fox, a British youtuber and the new interlocutor of millions of new travelers who want to know everything about Saudi Arabia…

The success of the Internet 

Half a million subscribers, more than 20 million views on his videos … This 16-year-old is not only becoming the go-to influencer on the Internet, he’s also the boy ready to overturn the still too entrenched narratives of what life is really like in one of the world’s most misrepresented countries.

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From the moment he arrived in Saudi Arabia at the age of 10 and after living in Egypt for 6 years, the young boy could not have hoped for a better welcome in this land. “One thing I always say about the Saudis, and I don’t say this for nothing, is that they are, I think, the nicest people, honestly. They are so nice, you can meet anyone on the street and they are so nice to you” he says. 

To share the treasures of Saudi Arabia 

He calls them “vlogumentaries”. These videos have a well-defined goal: to show Obayd Fox and his group of Saudi friends, embracing all that the country has to offer … A successful bet since they receive millions of views!

From how Saudis do Ramadan, to dune bashing in the Kingdom’s famous deserts, his channel gives a direct and unfiltered look at what it’s like to grow up and thrive in Saudi Arabia. “My videos have ended up being a light-hearted view of what I experience when I’m there, without bias or anything. I love it, I love living in Saudi Arabia” says this young influencer

A kingdom still too little known by the rest of the world

His videos are not his only field of knowledge and the young YouTuber is currently studying to pass his high school exams …. 

If his videos have already managed to do a lot for the country, there is still work to do, explains the influencer. According to him, for his friends back in the UK, the Kingdom seems excessively foreign to their own lives. “For them, Saudi Arabia looks like a mythical country far away that no one can even imagine” he said. 

His next destination? He hopes it’s AlUla. “I’ve seen all the YouTube videos and I really want to go there” So have a great trip!

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Published on 22 June 2021


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