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One month after the opening, what is the outcome for tourism in Saudi Arabia?

It has now been almost a month since Saudi Arabia opened its doors to non-religious tourism, and it seems that visitors are in a hurry to discover the kingdom…

In just one month, nearly 50,000 tourists crossed the Saudi borders to discover the country. This was stated by Ahmad Al-Khateeb, Chairman of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage, at a recent meeting with various G20 tourism ministers in Japan. 

Proud to have achieved this result in just one month, Al-Khateeb recalled Saudi Arabia’s positioning in relation to its recent opening: “As an emerging tourist destination, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is delighted to open its doors to the world. We recognize the importance of tourism not only as an engine of economic growth, but also as an important cultural bridge that raises awareness, understanding, and respect.


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Al-Qara Hill. Is one of the most famous natural tourist attractions in Al-Ahsa. It has been known since ancient times and was known as Mount Shabaan. It is located about 15 kilometers east of Al-Hofuf, the capital of Al-Ahsa. It is located in the middle of the green oasis full of palm trees. The mountain occupies a large area with a base area of ​​about 14 km 2 or 1400 hectares, and consists of sedimentary rocks in reddish color, and characterized by caves with a distinct climatic nature is not only a unique rock composition, but contrary to the weather prevailing outside the mountain These caves are cool in summer and warm winter relative to the feeling To the visitors, but really have a mild winter and summer weather relative to the thermal insulation added to these caves Sedimentary rocks, which makes them feel cold in summer and winter warmth is generally not more than 20 °. . . #heritage #mountians #saudiarabia #alhasa #nationalgeographic #tourism #tourisminsaudi #vision2030 #تراث #عدستي #byme #تصويري #national

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A long-term vision

This message is directly in line with the vision of the Vision 2030 reform plan, which aims to diversify the country’s economic resources. 

The country hopes to increase tourism from 3% to 10% of its GDP (5% by 2021). It also aims to increase the number of visitors from 18 million to 100 million per year by 2030, which should, as a result, enable the sector to create a total of 1.5 million jobs.

For information, tourists arrived most massively from China, which is ahead of England and the United States, themselves joined in the top 10 by France, Germany, or Canada. 

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Published on 29 October 2019

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