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One of the 10 best burgers in the world is Saudi!

The Bloomberg site has just released a compilation of the best burgers in the world based on the opinions of several gastronomy stars. If, unsurprisingly, the United States, England or even France are represented, a Saudi brand also appears in the ranking: The One’O’One!

If you are passing through Riyadh, the Saudi capital, it is now strictly forbidden not to visit One’O’One. Here, no extended menu, no 5-course discovery menu, just burgers and fries. You know it, it is an address for foodies, or people after a “cheat meal”. Here, we want fat, satisfying, comfort food… And the recipe sure works!


It was Italian chef Francesco Mazzei, from Radici restaurant in London, who put One’O’One on the map of the world’s best burgers. For Bloomberg, he says he arrived with rather modest expectations at this fast-food chain in Riyadh, before literally melting while tasting his first cheeseburger and immediately ordering a second one. “It was so juicy,” recalls the chef, “that I came back the next day to eat it again. Addictive, Saudi burgers? They’re certainly tempting…


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Published on 24 July 2020



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