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Oscars: Will Sudan get its first award?

We are not risking any controversy by saying that there is no more coveted award in cinema than the little golden statuette that Hollywood stars work so hard for. Moreover, the California gratin is not the only one to be eligible for an Oscar, since the competition is open to artists from all over the world (looking at you Jean Dujardin, among many others). This year, for the first time, Sudan could claim to be the winner in this race for recognition.

Amjad Abu Alala, creator of “You will die at 20“, must already practice, in front of his mirror, armed with his showerhead or his bottle of shampoo, to deliver a speech of acceptance of the trophy. It may be a cliché, but clichés exist for a reason, and we want to continue to believe that all the stars do it…

Religion and social pressure

His feature film tells the story of Muzzamil, a “cursed” young man, who comes up against the weight of popular belief in a village in his remote region of Sudan.


It has been officially nominated as Sudan’s entry in the Best International Feature Film category at the upcoming 2021 Oscars. A performance, considering that this is only the eighth feature film produced in the country.

A harvest of awards

It should also be remembered that the film premiered at the Venice Mostra in 2019, where it won the Lion of the Future Award, and was also screened at the El-Gouna Film Festival, where it was awarded the Gold Star for Best Feature Film. So he already has nothing to be ashamed of in his career, and the director probably already has a few elements of language up his sleeve to use in his speech in the event of victory!

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Published on 17 November 2020