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Paris Fashion Week: these Arab models who just shine brighter

In the midst of a rainy Paris Fashion Week and a city still upset by the coronavirus, some of them carry on turning heads head-on, despite the cancelled shows, despite the uncertainty of seeing Paris close in on itself to try to get rid of a virus that still proves tenacious.

In a tent in the Jardin des Tuileries, the Dior fashion show settles like a bubble out of time, out of space. It’s Tuesday evening, and while normal people are going home, no less than 86 models are taking turns on the podium, in one of the few fashion shows maintained despite the restrictive sanitary measures due to Covid-19.

Except that, in this multiplication of long and slender silhouettes, there are two that catch our attention. They are the Anglo-Moroccan Nora Attal and the Lebanese Nour Rizk.

The first one, at only 21 years old, “breaks the screen” in a long-sleeved and fringed white lace play suit.



The second one turns all heads in its zip-up windcheater in Shibori inspired tie-dye, with matching skirt and hat.

The matte complexion and coppery skin of the two evening heroines are unequivocal: out with the gloom of autumn! The rain will remain at the door, confined outside, like a thumb of nose to the anxiety of a re-confinement that no one here will dare to formulate. Tonight, and certainly for a long time to come, the catwalk belongs to them, and that’s how we like it.


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Published on 2 October 2020


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