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Portrait: Elias Rahbani, Lebanese music legend

The Lebanese media reported the death of a Lebanese music icon. Elias Rahbani, composer, lyricist and conductor, passed away Monday at the age of 83, from coronavirus.

Elias Rahbani was a composer, lyricist, performer and conductor. A true man of music, he has more than 2,500 songs to his credit, almost half of which were composed for film, television or advertising, a field in which he was a pioneer among the artists of his region.

A true Lebanese music legend, he passed away this Monday, at the age of 83, as a result of the coronavirus.

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An artistic family

He was the youngest brother of Assi Rahbani and Mansour Rahbani, themselves successful composers, musicians, songwriters, and playwrights, commonly known as “The Rahbani Brothers“. As the youngest of the siblings, Elias Rahbani is known to have written for some of the greatest artists such as Fairouz and Sabah.

The artistic community was quick to pay tribute to him on social networks, recalling the impact that this illustrious musician had had on the world of music in Lebanon, and emphasizing the eternal nature of his legacy.

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Published on 6 January 2021