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Red Bull takes revenge on the Grand Prix of Jeddah

For the second Grand Prix of the Formula 1 season, the drivers left Bahrain for Jeddah, on the Red Sea in Saudi Arabia. And the new Corniche circuit was the scene of many twists and turns between the two favorite teams, Red Bull and Ferrari.

Last week’s Bahrain Grand Prix, the opening race of the Formula 1 season, disappointed Red Bull fans. But the race in Jeddah seems to have changed the game! The duel for first place was again between the drivers Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen, respectively Ferrari and Red Bull. But this time, no technical faults failed the Dutch driver. Max Verstappen honored his title of world champion, erasing the disillusionment of the beginning of the race.


A sensational and destabilizing comeback

Despite his 4th place on the grid, Verstappen made a sensational start, until he was soon on the heels of his Scuderia rival. Without doubt, Ferrari was destabilized by this spectacular comeback. Charles Leclerc, in addition to having lacked top speed, also made some technical errors, probably due to the pressure.


The season is now underway for the Red Bull driver, who is a logical candidate for his own succession. The circuits of the Arabian Peninsula have definitely opened the doors to a great competition!

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Published on 28 March 2022



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