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Red Sea Film Festival: $10 million fund to support Arab and African cinema

It’s official! After the Netflix platform and in order to support projects with directors from the Arab world and Africa as well as established authors in the transition of their work from script to screen, it is the turn of the Red Sea Film Festival to announce the creation of a fund of 37.5 million SR (10 million dollars) …

On the agenda: Supporting more than 100 projects in the fund’s first year to give filmmakers a boost by supporting feature-length fiction, documentary and animation films, as well as episodic content. In addition, Saudi nationals will be able to apply to the Red Sea Fund to support short films in development and production.

“Helping African and Arab cinema develop – it’s a very exciting responsibility” said Edouard Waintrop, the artistic director of the Red Sea International Film Festival.  “By awarding more than 100 grants of up to $10 million to assist in the development, production and post-production of films in the Arab world and Africa, the Red Sea Fund will help a cinema that is undergoing a metamorphosis.”

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A fund divided into three categories 

The Red Sea Fund will be divided into three main categories

The first is development, which aims to support bold and creative filmmakers in their live action, emerging media and animation projects, from treatments to production-ready scripts and concepts. 

The second category is for projects entering production and is intended to support any aspect of the shoot. It is open to viable projects in the production phase, with a committed script, director and producer, as well as a potential cast and confirmed schedule. 

Finally, the last category is the Post-Production period, which supports all aspects of feature film projects. Once an initial cut is ready, these grants will help filmmakers complete their films and prepare them for distribution and exhibition. The team can be emerging or established, but with proven experience in filmmaking.

Let’s all stand together for Oriental cinema!

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Published on 16 June 2021