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AI: Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates opt for Nvidia

Two Arab nations are making a swift entry into the global AI race, namely Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

In a bid to propel their AI industries in the global spotlight, the two monarchies embarked on a significant acquisition of Nvidia Graphics Processing Units (GPUs).

Tech and the post-oil future

The two Gulf countries are betting on tech as part of their strategies to transform their economies and diversify them away from ol dependency, a pivotal part of their respective visionary roadmaps -Vision 2030 in Saudi Arabia and Vision 2031 in the UAE.

Saudi Arabia has acquired a substantial cache of 3,000 Nvidia H100 GPUs, at the cutting edge of this technology, for a combined value of $120 million. Each individual GPU costs $40,000. Nvidia’s CEO, Jensen Huang, lauds these GPUs as “the world’s first computer chip designed for generative AI.”


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Remarkable first steps

At the helm of Saudi Arabia’s AI expedition is the project codenamed Shaheen III, a supercomputer project poised to reshape computational horizons, planned to be powered by 700 Nvidia Grace Hopper superconductor chips.

Akin to its neighbor, the UAE is orchestrating a profound national revolution in AI through strategic developments. The UAE’s state-owned Technology Innovation Institute in Abu Dhabi has recently announced the creation of Falcon, an open-source large language model.

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Published on 22 August 2023

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