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Saudi Arabia: the first 100% women’s rally in the Arab world

The Jameel Rally made history in the Arab world by becoming the first all-women's car event. 34 all-female teams from 15 different countries took part in the competition, which followed a historic route.

The 34 teams competing in the Jameel Rally crossed the finish line safely in Riyadh after a final stage of 1,105 km. Among the 15 countries represented, Sweden stood out by taking first place, led by Annie Seel and her co-driver Mikaela Ahlin-Kottulinsky in their Toyota RAV4, both of whom are Dakar Rally regulars. The United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia came in second and third.

Entertainment and political commitment to women’s empowerment

Princess Abeer bint Majed Al-Saud was also among the 21 Saudi competitors, driving her Porsche Cayenne. Not only a representative of the royal family, the princess also confided that she is a racing enthusiast and expressed her enthusiasm for the competition for all the drivers. The race helps to encourage more women to get involved in motorsport, and supports their empowerment across the Kingdom and the region.


Discovery rally to boost Saudi tourism

The navigation rally, not designed as a speed event, allowed drivers to admire the country’s landscapes. The route included the historic site of Jubba, a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its Neolithic rock art, and the iconic Saq Mountain. The Jameel Rally seduced its drivers as much for its land as for its social impact! Participants from all over the world have expressed their surprise at the destination and already seem to be looking forward to future editions.