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Saudi Arabia: the first dog café opens its doors

In a society where dogs still suffer from a bad reputation, it is sometimes difficult for owners to enjoy meeting places with their four-legged companions. But in Khobar, on the east coast of Saudi Arabia, the situation is now quite different thanks to the opening of the very first café opened to dogs last June”.

In the Arab world, it is uncommon to see dogs accepted indoors. One reason for this is their negative perception in Islam, which however condemns mistreatment and instead encourages kindness towards our furry companions. But in this coffee shop in the coastal town of Khobar, Saudi Arabia, they are on the contrary welcome. A godsend for the owners, who can finally enjoy a moment of relaxation in the company of their favorite animal.


A multifunctional place

At Barking Lot, the plushies can also be groomed, while their owners enjoy a hot drink. The place offers them a meeting place where they have plenty of time to play with each other, and where the masters can get to know people with whom they are at least sure to share a common love for man’s best friend.



For dog owners, and for others as well

The place opened its doors last June on the initiative of Dalal Ahmed, a Kuwaiti national, who had regretted not being able to be accompanied by her dog more often during a stay in Saudi Arabia, stressing that in Kuwait they were much more tolerated: “I came to Saudi Arabia for a visit with my dog but I was not allowed to walk on the beach with him. I was very sad and I decided to help by opening a café for people who have dogs and even for those who don’t”. Because, indeed, the clientele is not only dog owners, but also amateurs, who have not yet taken the plunge.

An initiative that we hope to see multiplied throughout the kingdom, and even throughout the entire Arab world!


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Published on 6 October 2020


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