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Saudi Arabia unveils Leyja, NEOM’s new sustainable tourism destination

Saudi Arabia’s NEOM project announced its latest addition on Sunday, unveiling Leyja, a new sustainable eco-tourism destination. Set on the coast of the Gulf of Aqaba, Leyja would lie in a valley surrounded by 400-metre-high mountains.

The objectives of the project are clear: to combine luxury and sustainability, preserving 95% of its environment to maintain its natural integrity. Saudi Arabia hopes the project will be able to incorporate eco-friendly designs and innovative construction techniques to minimize its ecological footprint while maximizing luxury and comfort. The Leyja concept includes the establishment of three luxury hotels, each offering unique attributes and experiences, from adventurous getaways to wellness retreats.


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A new addition to the many planned

Leyja is far from being NEOM’s only new addition. The futuristic region megaproject includes other projects such as Trojena, destined for skiing and hosting the Asian Winter Games in 2029, and Soudah Peaks, a luxury mountain residential and tourism center. These projects, chaired by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, are hoped to provide a significant boost to national GDP and help diversify the kingdom’s economy, making Saudi Arabia a global luxury tourism destination and reinforcing the kingdom’s post-oil aspirations.


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Published on 16 October 2023

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