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Southern Tunisia: discover Tataouine and its Berber villages

In the south of Tunisia, the Tataouine region reveals an identity that is both wild and picturesque, with desert landscapes, ksours and fortified villages. This unique setting was also the setting for the filming of a famous American saga… A place lost in the sandy mountains, looking like the end of the world.

The Tataouine region lies 460 km south of the Tunisian capital, Tunis. Known as the “gateway to the desert”, it is considered a starting point for travellers wishing to explore southern Tunisia, in particular the sand dunes of Douz and the surrounding oases. This desert landscape, punctuated by underground houses (ksours), inspired the Star Wars saga. While several scenes from the famous American production were filmed here, the region’s name also found its way into the fictional planet of Tatooine.

A breathtaking site, ideal for visitors in search of adventure and authenticity. Take advantage of your stay in these lands to discover local customs and traditions, including Berber dance, music and handicrafts.


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The Berber villages of Douiret and Chenini

The Tataouine region is also famous for its nearby troglodyte villages, including Douiret and Chenini.

Perched on a rocky hill, Douiret fascinates visitors with its rock formations and houses built into the cliffs. These dwellings have existed for thousands of years, providing the locals with protection from the heat waves. They are mainly home to Berber families who, despite the rural exodus, remain in these atypical dwellings. Either for lack of means, or to honor their roots. As you stroll along the narrow streets, you can learn more about their way of life and traditions.


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A 30-minute drive from Douiret is the Berber village of Chenini. It’s also known for its traditional architecture and terraced hillside structures. A small, immaculate mosque overlooking the region is also a special feature. But Chenini’s treasures don’t stop there… At an altitude of 500 metres, a citadel reveals a piece of history. Formerly a food storage area, the citadel was also a refuge in case of attack. Fascinating!

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Published on 19 December 2023