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Syrian film “Nezouh” premieres at Venice Film Festival

The feature film by Syrian director Soudade Kaadan will premiere on 3 September at the Venice Film Festival in the Orizzonti Extra category.

The feature film “Nezouh” by Syrian director Soudade Kaadan will have its world premiere in the Orizzonti Extra competition at the 79th Venice International Film Festival (31 August-10 September).

Female emancipation against the background of the Syrian conflict

Soudade Kaadan returns to Venice with a second film four years later, after her first film, “The Day I Lost My Shadow”, won the Lion of the Future award at the Orizzonti competition.


Nezouh is an allegorical tale of female emancipation set against the backdrop of the Syrian conflict in Damascus. The movie revolves around a family who decide to stay in the besieged area.

When a grenade blows a hole in the roof of the building where 14-year-old Zeina and her family live, they are suddenly exposed to the outside world. One day, a boy living nearby drops a rope through the roof opening and Zeina gets her first taste of freedom.

While her father is determined to stay in his house and not become a refugee, this new window opens up an unimaginable world of possibilities for her and her mother, who now face the dilemma of whether to stay or go.

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Hope in the midst of chaos

The film’s title “Nezouh” refers, in Arabic, to the movement of souls, water and people. It is the movement of light and darkness,” explains Soudade Kaadan. Nezouh seeks to speak about this inevitable invasion of light and hope in the midst of this chaos.”

Three screenings will be organized for the film, in the presence of Soudade Kaadan, actress Kinda Alloush, actor Samer Al Masri, producer Yu-Fai Suen (Berkeley Media Group), producer Marc Bordure (Agat Films and ExNihilo), line producer Emre Oskay (Sky Films), Associate Producer Amira Kaadan, Farhana Bhula (Film4), Ollie Madden, Director of Film4 (Film4), Lizzie Francke (British Film Institute), Fionnuala Jamison and Olivier Barbier (MK2 FILMS), MAD Solutions co-founders Alaa Karkouti and Maher Diab, and Meriame Deghedi, Head of Sales and Acquisitions (MAD Solutions).

Published on 31 August 2022