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Tesla tests vehicles in extreme conditions in the Dubai desert

The company has been testing Model Y, Model X, and Model 3 vehicles in the summer weather of the United Arab Emirates, to study the performance of its electric car lineup in the hot, arid climate.

Hikers in Dubai’s surrounding desert may have spotted some unusual tracks in recent days. They were Tesla’s electric vehicles, taken by the company’s quality engineers into the field for “extreme heat and strength testing” at temperatures of 50ºC.

At the center of the engineers’ intention, was the performance of the new heat pump, introduced in the Model Y last year, which apparently did not give the expected results in freezing climates. Note that the tests conducted in cold weather are in Alaska.



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Conditions as extreme as they are various

If the results have not yet been published, we can however underline the diversity of the terrains offered by the Dubai landscape, between sand, mountains, and rocky roads. Because to test the durability of a car, you have to push it to its limits – whether in terms of temperatures, ground surfaces, or road trajectories – to evaluate its handling and suggest potential improvements.

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Published on 1 September 2022