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The 5 most beautiful beaches in Egypt

In addition to its thousand-year-old temples, pyramids and sumptuous palaces, Egypt has another treasure: breathtaking beaches! Between seaside resorts, secret coves and diving spots, the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea border a multi-faceted coastline. Discover the 5 most beautiful beaches of Egypt selected by KAWA. 

1 – The Fjord in Taba, Egypt’s wild and protected beach



The Fjord is located at the northern end of the Gulf of Aqaba, 15 km from Taba village. An unspoiled Egyptian beach, nestled in a beautiful bay in the cliffs. Its turquoise waters welcome those who want to relax and enjoy themselves, but also those who are keen on diving. Yes, this Egyptian beach gives access to impressive coral banks and a rich underwater life. For this, you will have to dive to a depth of 16 meters and follow the reefs. You will then reach the “hole of the fjord”. Even deeper (24 meters), it is full of a multitude of multicolored fish. A spot reserved for experienced divers. 


2 – Ras Shitan, an Egyptian beach with natural charm



Oriental carpets on the sand, XXL cushions and wooden huts, Ras Shitan is undoubtedly one of the most bohemian beaches in Egypt. It is set up in a friendly spirit and blends into a breathtaking landscape of cliffs, caves and canyons. A starting point for many hikes, idyllic swims and diving sessions. Where is this beautiful beach in Egypt located? Just a stone’s throw from Ras Abu-Galloum National Park, in the resort town of Noueiba. 


3 – Hidden Beach, Egypt’s most colorful beach



As its name suggests, Hidden Beach is a discreet and wild cove located in Ras Mohammed National Park. Nestled among the rocks, this beach in Egypt reveals a sparkling palette of turquoise and golden hues. A postcard panorama with a famous diving spot, where you can admire clownfish, barracudas and schools of tuna. Its location? Only 20 km from Sharm El-Sheikh!


4 – Soma Bay in Safaga



Notice to kitesurfers, Soma Bay on the western coast of the Red Sea is one of the best spots in the world for this activity. And for good reason, this beautiful beach in Egypt has 300 days of wind per year! For those who like to relax, the place has fine sandy beaches where you can laze around. Bonus: a huge pier for long walks and romantic moments facing the sunset. 


5 – Agiba Beach, a little Egyptian jewel 


A well-kept secret of the country’s Mediterranean coast, Agiba Beach is only accessible by walking. You have to climb the cliffs to get there. A beautiful beach in Egypt that must be earned! But the effort is quickly forgotten when the eyes get lost in its translucent waters. This marvel is located 25 km from Marsa-Matrouh, a coastal city in the north of Egypt. 


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Published on 12 October 2021