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The 5 women who helped shape the Arab world

In the Arab world, women are the pillars of progress. In this article, we explore the achievements and legacies of some of these influential Arab women.

Huda Sha’arawi 

Huda Sha’arawi was a prominent Egyptian feminist and women’s rights activist. Born in 1879, she founded the Egyptian Feminist Union in 1923, a groundbreaking organization that fought for women’s rights, including suffrage and education. Huda Sha’arawi is widely regarded as a pioneer in the Arab feminist movement, and her work paved the way for women’s advancement in Egyptian society.



Fairuz, whose real name is Nouhad Haddad, is a Lebanese singer and cultural icon. Born in 1935, she is known for her mesmerizing voice and emotive performances. Fairuz’s music carries poetic and political messages, resonating deeply with audiences across the Arab world. Throughout the 20th century, she has remained one of the most influential Arab musicians, leaving a lasting impact on the region’s music scene.


Tawhida Ben Cheikh

Tawhida Ben Cheikh, a Tunisian physician, holds a significant place in history as the first female doctor in the Maghreb. Born in 1909, she played a crucial role in advancing women’s healthcare and rights, particularly access to contraception. Tawhida Ben Cheikh advocated for gender equality in medical education and practice, paving the way for future generations of women in the field of medicine. She co-founded the Tunisian Association of Women Doctors, leaving a lasting impact on healthcare and gender equality in Tunisia.


Nazik al-Abid

Nazik al-Abid, born in 1898, was a Syrian independence activist and a prominent female leader during the Syrian Revolution against French colonial rule. She actively organized and supported nationalist movements. Nazik al-Abid’s efforts contributed significantly to the struggle for independence and made her a symbol of women’s empowerment in Syria.


Nawal El Saadawi 

Nawal El Saadawi was an Egyptian writer, feminist, and activist. She wrote extensively on women’s rights, sexuality, and social justice, challenging patriarchal norms and advocating for gender equality. Her works, such as “Women at Point Zero” and “The Hidden Face of Eve,” have had a profound impact on Arab feminism and literature.



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