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The biggest attraction of this first day of Expo 2020 Dubai will surprise you!

An unusual photo shared by Australian journalist Ashleigh Stewart has greatly amused the twittersphere last Friday, on the occasion of the launch of the Dubai World Expo…

This is the longest queue I’ve seen all day” reports the journalist. From that statement, the average person figured they would see the most beautiful structures installed on the site located halfway between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. And yet… 


It’s not the pyramid covered with edible plants in the Dutch pavilion, nor the huge light bulb that happens to be the Chinese pavilion that has brought all these curious people together, but rather… the Saudi fast-food brand Al-Baik, whose fried chicken recipes are to die for (we must give credit where credit is due).



So it turns out the crowd was not made of curious people but rather of foodies. And if the journalist didn’t get, as she wished, a lifetime supply of fried chicken, her photo will still have had the merit of amusing the web


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Published on 4 October 2021


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