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The world’s fastest Rollercoaster will soon be in Saudi Arabia

A roller coaster that will make even the most daring people pale with terror will soon arrive in the Qiddiya amusement park, an ongoing project in Saudi Arabia. Notice to thrill-seekers!

It will be called “The Falcon’s Flight” and will be one of the 28 attractions to be found in Six Flags Qiddiya Park, which will cover 32 hectares, 40 km from Riyadh. This park, the first to open its doors in the Saudi kingdom, hopes to be a great success and attract up to 15,000 visitors per day.

The park of all records

If the flight of the falcon is the focus of attention, it is because it will be the roller coaster of all records, becoming at the same time the longest, the highest and the fastest in the world. Enough to entice amateurs and frighten all their companions, who will most likely be dragged by force aboard the attraction. Good luck to them!

Other rides have already been unveiled, inspired by themes from the Arab world, including the Sirocco Tower, the world’s largest thrilling freefall attraction (the park is setting new records), and the Sea Stallion, a fully customizable water ride for park visitors, crossing rivers and waterfalls.

Economic opportunities

The park intends to run 365 days a year, and has put in place ways to reduce heat during the summer period. It is expected to create 800 full-time jobs. Ultimately, the Qiddiya region’s economic development project, focused on entertainment and culture, should create some 17,000 jobs in a place that would become the world’s largest tourist destination, covering a total area of over 330 km².

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Published on 3 September 2019

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