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This Moroccan has just won the 2019 Parkour Red Bull Art of Motion World Championship

He dominated the competition before becoming the best free-runner in the world, even though everyone in the discipline had entered the competition. Didi Alaoui, a 24-year-old Moroccan from Oujda, is now the world champion of the Red Bull Art of Motion 2019.

In the city of Matera, in southern Italy, he twirls like a bird, ignoring the laws of gravity as he ignored every obstacle on his way to the top. Originally from the northeast of Morocco, this parkour enthusiast had to redouble his hard work and inventiveness to get noticed. He trained “with the means at hand”, without a coach, without a gym, in the street or in the desert. On top of that, although he had managed to qualify via the internet for the 2014 edition of the competition, problems in obtaining a visa prevented him from displaying his talent in the eyes of the world.


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Best moments in my life , been captured by @mauropuccini , and just look to everyone around me celebrating its crazy ❤️😭, this journey is bigger than winning AOM it’s self, I would like to take this chance to say , if you believe in something from your heart and you are ready to sacrifice all for it just do it , do it yourself don’t wait for no one it’s only you it’s your dream fight for it , there’s time when you gonna hate yourself time where you gonna find yourself alone time when people who close to you will let you down and try to stop you but fuck all that shit , you got to stay strong and believe that good shit time take time , and if you want to talk about it I am always here to help with what I can ! I would like to take this chance to thank everyone who helped me even with Kind word , my next post I will be mention names and believe me I don’t forget people who did good to me ❤️ #dream #redbull #believe #justdoit

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The consecration

It was in 2016, when a Danish gym offered him a scholarship after seeing a video of his exploits online, that his life changed completely. He joined Europe and took on a new dimension, perfecting himself physically and technically. Today, he lives in Los Angeles where he worked as a coach until recently, before devoting himself fully to his training for the Red Bull Art of Motion 2019. Training that has borne fruit since the young Moroccan obtained the highest score, as well as the award for the “best trick”, thus becoming the new champion, a coronation that he can now enjoy, thinking about the rest of the story he wants to write…

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Published on 18 October 2019