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This old Etihad aircraft has been recycled into… a hotel!

A unique hotel experience and an intelligent way to give a second life to an airplane cabin that a company is getting rid of. In this case, it is a completely refurbished Etihad Airways aircraft from the Emirates, which now welcomes tourists for up to $250 per night.

The hotel is called Arabian Nights Airbus, and it is located… in North Wales. The entrepreneur behind this idea is Toby Rhys-Davies, who bought the carcass of the plane, still connected to Etihad Airways, for about $55,000, in a scrapyard. 


Gone are the rows of aircraft seats, replaced by beds, armchairs, sofas, and other kitchens and bathrooms. For everything else, the interior remains unchanged, giving the impression of spending the night in a plane of the Emirati company. A holiday at the very least… unusual! The campsite housing the carcass also offers various original experiences of this kind, accommodating its guests in UFOs, yurts, or even in a former private jet.

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Published on 4 October 2019

#Arab world