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Tiffany & Co presents its exclusive collection in Dubai

For the first time, the jewelry brand presents an exclusive collection on the sidelines of the World Expo in the Emirates. A first in the Middle East for the brand.

In a new take of a historic piece, the Empire Diamond has found itself in Dubai. The institutional company Tiffany & Co.’s archival 1939 World’s Fair necklace is being featured at the Dubai Expo 2020, modernizing the original 1939 design to today’s standards. The necklace is estimated to be worth between $20 to $30 million, with the Empire Diamond weighing in at more than 80 carats. It is the most expensive piece ever created by the jeweler to date.

In this new interaction, the Empire Diamond not only functions as a necklace but can also be converted into a diamond-encrusted ring set in platinum. When it was unveiled in 1939, the necklace promised a “glimpse into the world of tomorrow”, an elegant thread pointing towards the theme of the Dubai Expo 2020, “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”.


A sketch of the original 1939 World’s Fair necklace.


The new World’s Fair necklace is on show as part of an invitation-only exhibition featuring Tiffany’s Blue Book Collection — the first time the esteemed company’s collection has been featured in the Middle East. The new exhibition features loose precious stones from across time, brought to the world by Tiffany throughout the course of the 20th century. It also pays tribute to the legendary Tiffany designer Jean Schlumberger and his incredible creations.