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Tourism in Bahrain : Our Top 5 must-see sites

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The archipelago of Bahrain, located in the Gulf, is an enchanting travel destination. This cosmopolitan country is home to a rich history, vibrant culture and breathtaking scenery. Here are our five must-see spots to discover in the pearl of the Gulf


This seaside resort, located in western Bahrain, is a true gem. With crystal-clear beaches, luxurious hotels and entertainment centers, Zallaq is the perfect place to enjoy the sun. Vacationers can indulge in a variety of water activities such as diving, sailing and surfing, or simply lounge on the beach and gaze at the Gulf.



A blend of cultures, modern lifestyles and age-old traditions, Bahrain’s capital is a must-see for any visitor to the country, with its bustling streets, commercial and cultural centers and entertainment venues. History buffs can explore the archaeological relics of the old city, while culture buffs can visit the city’s many museums to unearth the treasures of the archipelago.


Al Dar Island

This small island located a few kilometers off the coast of Bahrain is a haven for nature lovers. Its white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and abundant marine life make Al Dar an ideal place to relax and enjoy nature. Visitors can also discover coral reefs, underwater caves and shipwrecks by diving or taking a boat ride.



This historic city in eastern Bahrain is renowned for its rich cultural and artistic heritage. Muharraq is a must for any history and culture buff with its traditional wooden houses, lively souks and museums. Visitors can explore the ruins of the ancient city, discover local customs and traditions in the souks and admire the works of art.


Historic district of Muharraq. Credit: courthouselover on Flickr

Qala’at al Bahrain

This citadel at the northern tip of Bahrain is an impressive testament to the archipelago’s history. The 3,000-year-old fortress has seen many conflicts and invasions over the centuries, and has witnessed Bahrain’s rich and complex history. Visitors can explore the remains of the fortress, walk the ramparts and discover exhibits on the history and culture of Bahrain.



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